Free camping in Samothraki is strictly prohibited

The Municipal Authority of Samothraki would like to notify our dear visitors well in advance, that according to the current legislation free camping is prohibited all over the island. Due to the mountainous and lush vegatation of the island free camping involves multiple hazards both for campers and permanent residents alike while it creates infection focal points especially in inaccessible places and to the streams.
Corresponding to the general demand of the local community the Municipality of Samothraki feels it is their duty to defend with every lawful means their island, the inhabitants as well as the campers.

We would also like to iform you that at Therma area there are two camping sites which offer the basic infrastructures at an especially low cost, decreased 50% compared with last period.We ask our visitors to respect and help the local community in its effort to contribute to the best service of the visitors but simultaneously to the protection of the island.

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